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Architectural Services

Architectural planning is the root for construction.
Our Architectural team is a group of experts from all over the world with global experience. Our designs are highly praised for its highly technical present-day functionality and it’s going to serve your comfort for years to come.

Our architectural services include, but are not limited to:
Construction of new building
Renovation of existing building
Architectural & Interior Design
Site plan Approval
Change of Use
Zoning & Variances
Project Management for Construction
We specialize in site visits, conceptualization of designs and development of constructions; provide liaison with government, other engineers, contractors and builders. Our team will take care of smooth functioning of the entire project from beginning until it is executed. Floor Plans , Life Safety Plan, OBC Matrix, Fire Rating.



Structural Services

Our structural engineers collaborate with architects, contractors and owners to design optimum solutions for you. We work with the latest technology to bring out the best combination of technical and creative talent form our team. We provide periodic site observations documented with a written report and complimented with photos and action items.

Services: Structural Engineering for Architects and Owners

3rd Party Structural Peer Reviews
Design Build Engineering for Contractors

Specialty: Structural Steel

Cast-in-Place and Precast Concrete

Wood Framing
Structural Masonry
Drilled Piers and Concrete Footings
Elevated Structural Foundations

Mechanical Services

Mechanical, Hvac & Plumbing
We have consistently helped our clients with state-of-the-art mechanical engineering services. Our on-board team uses their 20 years of hands-on experience to deliver customized in-depth analysis, design and execution of projects.

Our mechanical engineering services include:

Heat Loss and Gain Calculations
Duct Design and Sizing
Ventilation Design and Sizing
Combo System – Hot Water and Forced Air
Fire Protection System
Plumbing and Drainage

Electrical Services

Our competent team of electrical engineers provides ideal solutions in designing residential & commercial projects whether new or restorative.

Our electrical engineering service includes:

Power Supply & Distribution
Lighting design
LV Power & Systems Design
Public Address (PA) System
Emergency power generation & uninterrupted power supply (UPS) installations
Fire Alarm Systems
Internet & networking

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